Quick, simple, stabile and exclusive construction

About Us

Our company started  design and construction of  brass and chrome  stair-rails in 1992.

The works – both design and construction – are facilitated in every case by the ready-made, special connecting fittings  assuring perfect, stabile systems thanks to their total interdigitation and fixing with  hidden self-tapping screws.

Beside rails our company distributes rustic lamps, both ceiling lamps and bracket lamps, as well as portholes and a lot of other high-standard interior decoration products made of brass and chrome  which conform to the concepts of the orderers and designers.

Our products, railing fittings, lamps and all others are made by refined workmanship, in massive, cast form.

These products give perfect, exclusive appearance to restaurants, bars, casino, hotels and banks.



  • Health-Resort in Kakasszék – stair-rails and handrails in the swimming pool, railing for the heaters
  • Hungarian National Bank in Kecskemét – counter boxes and client portals
  • Mazda-Zakar car-salon in Cegléd – stair-rail and gallery
  • Chinese  Restaurant in Kiskunfélegyháza – footrest and handrail for bar, glass-rack system
  • Disco Bar - Amigo Restaurant in Kiskunfélegyháza  -  8  meter long bar with footrest and handrail
  • Lottery Office Building in Szeged – stair-rail and gallery
  • Procontrol Szeged – rails and traverses
  • John Bull Pub in Szeged – bar and glass-rack system